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What makes us special

Adding Solar PV?

If you’re considering adding Solar PV system to your home or business and would like to know the facts we can help guide you on your decision. We have over 10 years of experience in the field.

What We Offer

Domestic Solar PV

A domestic solar PV system uses the sun’s energy to produce electricity through the use of roof mounted solar panels.

Commercial Solar PV

Industrial buildings, farms and public buildings are ideally suited to the installation of solar PV systems.

Solar PV Servicing

Keeping your Solar PV working at maximum performance is very important because as you know low output...

Solar PV Extra’s

Our customers are happy with their solar pv installation but are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of the solar PV...

Installing Solar PV

Having installed hundreds of system of various sizes in lots of different location from ground mounted systems to a house on the highest point of Wales to factory roofs there’s nothing we can’t handle, our system start from £4795.00 for 4kw system fitted inc vat.


Many of our clients are in the Agricultural sector with large roof spaces and high demand for energy is very much in need, Poultry farmers see the benefits of fitting solar to broiler units as it makes their food product more efficient which helps keep the cost of chicken down for the consumer so everyone benefits.

Solar PV Servicing

We would recommend you have your solar PV system checked once a year to make sure the system is work correctly as you don’t want to miss out FiTs payments because of a fault which could have been dealt with.. our fully trained staff can make sure your system is working correctly and that you are getting benefits from your system.

We can also undertake work for clients whose original installers are no longer in business or just don’t want to know since installed.

Faulty solar PV systems

We have had many people contact us after their system has stopped working and they’ve been let down by their original installer who either no longer support PV or have gone out of business, we believe this is very unfair and we are here to step in and sort out any faults or rectify poor installation even help with warranty claims as most solar panel and Inverters are still under manufacturers guaranty.

Give us call today and arrange for a visit and we can fully check your system giving you the peace of mind that your system is safe and working correctly.

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